FELICITY Roving - Custom Listing
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FELICITY will add texture and colour to your home, in either a living space, home office, bedroom or nursery.


Each pompom is carefully trimmed by hand.

Pompoms 2 & 5 are the roving options, Pompoms 1,3&4 are the yarn options. 

FELICITY has a mix of yarn and roving pompoms:

Choose from one of 32 yarn colours or 8 animal prints for the XL pompom, one of the large pompoms, and one of the medium pompoms.


There are also two roving pompoms, one in large and one in medium. Choose from 22 roving colours.


You also have the option of adding a velvet ribbon to finish the look, available in 8 colours.


Note: this item is for decorative purposes only.

Please understand that all items are handmade to order - my time frame of 3 - 4 weeks is my maximum, but allows me to make your custom wall hanging with all the TLC it deserves.