About me...


~L o v e r ~ of beautiful decor, up-cycling, small businesses, Marmite & houseplants.
~ M o t h e r ~ of two, who keep me on my toes and are my driving motivation.
~ M a k e r ~ of tassel and pompom wooden hooped wall hangings, with original animal print pompoms.


It started in 2018 when I wanted to fill a space on my living room wall, and knew in my minds eye what I wanted, but couldn’t find it on the high street or online. Humble beginnings, lots of research to seek out a niche, and using hoops I had left over from organising garden party games... I began trying to make my vision come to life. Passionate about interiors, customer service, and texture, Wool You Just was born in my living room in Kent, using a tape measure and Pompom maker that my beautiful Mum gave me to ‘get me started’. I now have my own studio at home, I’m a scissor snob, and have two wardrobes full of yarn and hoops. I think I can refer to this as a family run business as my husband does half of the post office runs for me.


You may notice I name my wall hangings after females, and this decision was made right at the start for several reasons. Firstly, I do this to honour those who inspire me daily (each one has a back story, always welcome to ask me about them), and secondly, it makes me smile to think of my creations as little ladies with personalities.


Rest assured when you buy from me, you’re supporting a hard working designer and mother of two ‘2-and-under’, who supports small businesses, and who’s home grown this little business on original ideas around a busy mum life. Each item is lovingly made to order and packaged by my hands, for you. I am always able to make a change to a design, just pop me a note at checkout.

Fun fact about me: I wrote a car off by driving it under a height barrier with bikes attached to the roof racks. I didn’t know the bikes were attached!

If you’ve read this far, you’re my kind of person - I love me an ‘about us’ page! The husband says it's because I’m nosy (the cheek) but I just find it the best part of shopping from a small business!

Follow over on Instagram at @wool_you_just for daily ramblings, small biz shout outs and chit chat if this sort of thing takes your fancy!


A million thank you's for being here ✨

Jess x