Pre-Made Stargazing Pompom Tassel Accessory - Yarn
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Beautifully crafted pompom tassel yarn accessories, to add colour to your home and spruce up your tote bags, baskets, shelves, handles and more.

Each tassel is carefully measured and combed by hand, and each pompom is carefully trimmed by hand.

This pre-made collection features the new Stargazing roving pompom design.

There are four colour options to choose from as premades:

Option 1 includes pastel stargazing pom with candy floss pink tassel and lilac knot. 

Option 2 includes traditional stargazing pom with sage tassel and parchment knot.

Option 3 includes a black and white themed stargazing pom with black tassel and Pearl knot. 

Option 4 includes a stargazing pom with parchment tassel and fern knot. 

Pompom yarn Tassel accessories are approximately 21cm in length.


See custom pom tassel listings to design your own, including our new stargazing poms. 


Note: this item is for decorative purposes only. Please keep out of reach from children.

Please understand that all items are handmade to order - my time frame ( 3 - 4 weeks ) is my maximum, but allows me to make custom orders with all the TLC it deserves.