THEA - Summer Garden - Buttermilk Ombre Scattered effect
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Over 80 hand embroidered flowers have been lovingly added to this THEA, each with an additional mini sequin centre. Fading outwards-in, in an ombre effect from purple, pink to neutral coloured flowers.

THEA style wall hanging is ready for summer with this new summer garden range, which features my best selling styles but with lovingly added floral embroidery. All done by hand, by me. 

Beautiful roving tassel wall hanging to add texture and colour to your home, in either any living space, home office, bedroom or nursery.


Each tassel is carefully measured, combed, added to a wooden hoop, and shaped by hand, and flowers with sequins individually stitched on. 

To finish the look, you can also choose to add velvet ribbon (available in eight colours).


THEA is about 48cm in length from the top of the hoop to the bottom of the longest tassel.


This listing is for a Buttermilk coloured THEA, with clustered effect pastel iridescent floral beads and sequins. 


Note: this item is for decorative purposes only. Keep out of reach of children. 

Whilst this is a pre made listing and will therefore be posted ASAP, if you also order a custom item, note my turnaround time will reflect that.