XL Pompom Garland - Animal Print
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Beautiful custom made XL animal print pompom garland, to add a splash of colour and texture to your home, in either a living space, home office, bedroom or nursery.

Each pompom is carefully trimmed by hand.

Choose from 8 animal prints: Leopard, Tiger, Zebra, Crocodile, Peacock, Swan, Parrot, and Bee.

Poms can be all the same, or go for a striking safari look by having all different poms.


XL Pompom Animal Print Garland has 4 pompoms and is approx. 1m in length.

Note: this item is for decorative purposes only.

Please understand that all items are handmade to order - my time frame ( 3 - 4 weeks ) is my maximum, but allows me to make your custom garland with all the TLC it deserves.